Break the Cycle

So many people use processed ingredients in their cooking that it almost becomes second nature. When compiling our shopping lists for the week, the process is often to decide what we want the main part of a meal to be, and then deciding which jar or packet of sauce you are going to buy to accompany it. That said, many people are now going down the healthier and much more fun route of buying whatever ingredients they need, and making the sauce themselves.

So, the simple answer to how to get tasty sauces is to make it yourself, but what are the massive benefits that branch out from this?

Know What You Eat

By far the biggest benefit to bringing a touch of do it yourself to your cooking is that you know exactly what you are eating. Even if you do bother to read the ingredients on a packet of cheese sauce, the chances are that you haven’t got a clue what 50% of them are, and nor are you likely to head straight home and Google them, or do so from the supermarket on your smartphone.

Still, regardless of whether you know what each “E number” is, at least if you make the sauce yourself you know exactly what’s going in there.

And guess what?

By making things such as sauces yourself from scratch, you will realise that additives and other “ingredients” are the most pointless thing in the history of man. Your homemade sauces will taste much better and overall be much healthier for you than something you buy and trust just because it is labelled “Dolmio” or “Uncle Bens.”

Oh, and did we mention the fun part?

Getting Funky

You know that feeling you get when you tuck into a pre-prepared food and think, “something’s missing?” Well, that too will be gone forever. Making your own sauces entirely from scratch means that, not only are you getting all of the health and nutritional benefits, but you also have the opportunity to get funky in the kitchen and customise them to your own tastes.

Want your tomato sauce a little thicker and creamier? Then do it. Always thought that cheese sauce would be great with a scattering of paprika or mixed up with chilli flakes? Why not try it. You never know, you might even find that you’re a dab hand and cooking and unearth what has been until now a hidden talent of yours!

Practice makes perfect when it comes to cooking, and the only way to really do that is to experiment and make every single thing in your meal from scratch where possible.

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