Brave Move

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve been telling our friends about this exciting new person that we’re dating, only to be told that we’re on our own once we disclose that we’re about to take on the final frontier and actually cook for them.

Hosting a date at home and cooking is a brave move at the best of times, and even more so if you are in the early stages of any potential relationship. We looked at some ways in which you can impress your date with your home cooking, even if your idea of this is usually throwing a pasta carbonara in the microwave for three minutes.

Simple but Complex

When it comes to cooking there are a few categories that foods can fall into. They can either be obviously simple, obviously complex, or fall into this wonderful middle ground where they taste great and look as if a lot of work went into them, but actually it was fairly easy to produce.

As you have probably guessed, the last category is the one you’re looking to fall into when it comes to cooking for your date at home. That means that simple favourites such as spaghetti bolognese, or adding ingredients to soup to pass it off as your own, are firmly out of the window.

Recipes that are relatively simple to make, but happen to look and taste damn impressive, include beef bourguignon, roast dinners, and tasty one-pot or slow cooked stews.

If you go down this route then you will prove that there’s more to you than simply throwing a ready meal in the oven or heading out to the takeaway. A great performance in the kitchen early in your dating cycle could open the door to a great relationship.

Setting the Scene

Obviously, there is a lot more to hosting a date at home than simply being a great cook. If you are able to set the most romantic scene possible, then your date will feel like they’re going to enjoy the food before they’ve even tasted it. Just remember that when you have lit candles, are playing romantic music, and have created the perfect ambience, that the food does still matter, and that it should be getting the most attention of all.

Schoolboy Errors

In some respects, cooking the food can be quite easy, it’s the matching it with a wine that is the problem. Don’t fall into this trap – many recipes will tell you the type of wine that complements it perfectly, and a lot of bottles now have it written on the label. You’ve done too much good work to throw it away on giving your date a dry Chardonnay with beef!

Get it all right, and you’re certain to impress.

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