Unexpected guests landing on the doorstep can send fear through anyone, especially if they have empty bellies and you are not adequately prepared. If you want to make sure you are always ready for these eventualities, there are plenty of desserts which won’t take long to bake. These cakes can even be personalised to suit your guests and will ensure they leave feeling happy and satisfied. You only need a few ingredients for most of these, so you can make sure you always have these ready and waiting. You can make them as plain or indulgent as you want without causing any extra fuss.

Rice Crispie Cakes

Rice crispie cakes are ideal for anyone, but are especially favourable for children. The ingredients are simple, all you need is a box of rice crispies and some chocolate, which you can mix together to create these mouth-watering delights. You can even decorate them with other chocolate bits, such as smarties, to create cakes which no one will be able to resist. These bite sized treats are an ideal way to treat your unexpected guests, especially if they arrive with their kids in tow.

Fairy Cakes

Classic cakes which take no time to cook up, fairy cakes are ideal if you are pushed for time. The ingredients are minimal, with flour and sugar being the main ingredients and you can add other chocolate pieces to personalise them to suit. Fairy cakes are really easy to create, even if you are a complete novice to baking.


Cupcakes are highly popular and can be made in no time at all. You can design these to suit any occasion, such as Halloween or Christmas, by adding decorations which signify the time of year. You can also keep them plain for an all-year round treat. Everyone loves cupcakes so if you are treating unexpected guests, you can be assured that they will love these little delights. Cupcakes are relatively simple to make and are a much loved dessert for an all year round treat.


You can’t go wrong with muffins if you want to ensure you keep your guests happy and these don’t take long to bake. You can make them as naughty as you want with lots of chocolate chips or keep it plain with blueberries. You only need a few ingredients to create these tasty treats and they are the perfect dessert to surprise any unexpected guests with. You can guarantee your guests will leave with a full belly with these cakes.

If you want to treat your unexpected guests and ensure they leave with a smile, then offer cupcakes; they are the perfect way to welcome unexpected arrivals.